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1221 Oak Street Oakland California 94612 US
Alameda County Supervisor
Alameda County
(510) 272-6694

That’s it. Leaders and influencers, who are usually given the floor for as long as they like, are limited here to condensed responses (no more than 25 words) that get straight to the point.

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail; but don’t let failures discourage you from trying again and make sure to learn from your mistakes.

Name: Nate Miley
Age: 60+ • Status: Single • Kids: Yes
Place of Birth: District of Columbia • Raised: Suitland, MD
Professional Background: Elected official for the past 26 years on the Oakland City Council and Alameda County Board of Supervisors. Received a Juris Doctorate from University of Maryland School of Law. Served 9 years as a community organizer from 1976 to 1985.
What achievement or position are you most known for? Enacting progressive and innovative legislation to address problems around alcohol outlets, medication disposal, the passage of essential healthcare funding, and empowering older adults.

Job(s) held that is most unlike what I currently do now: Camp Counselor and Director; and New York Life Insurance Agent.

Field: Government/Public Service
Years of Experience: 26
Title: Alameda County Supervisor
Organization: County of Alameda: $2.74B Operating Budget with over 8,000 employees. County of Alameda is the 22 largest county in the nation – County of Alameda, CA
What it does and what I do: Alameda County provide safety net services. As a County Supervisor, I have executive, legislative, and quasi-judicial authority; hiring agency heads; and overseeing a $2.76B budget.
Current Big Project: Countywide Senior Comprehensive Plan; Ashland/Cherryland Healthy Communities Collaborative; Eden Area Livability Initiative; Safe Medication Disposal Ordinance/Program; and Violence Prevention Initiative.
Staffing/Resource Needs: My office organizes community events throughout the year. We are seeking volunteers for the Healthy Living Festival, Earth Day/Community Clean Ups, FamFest in Ashland/Cherryland, etc.

Additional Positions: City Councilmember, District 6, City of Oakland; President, United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County

Additional Organizations: Meals on Wheels of Alameda County, Youth UpRising, Faith Presbyterian Church, and other governmental bodies including BAAQMD, EBRCSA, ABAG, LAFCo, ACTC, ACOCAP, Coliseum JPA, and Youth Ventures JPA

Significant Challenge: Increasing and sustaining funding to eliminate the annual County of Alameda budget deficit that has occurred since 2001.
Significant Mistake/Regret: The measure for funding Oakland senior citizen programs wasn’t approved by the voters. The measure to enhance funding for the Oakland Zoo was not successful.
Significant Accomplishment: Safe Medication Disposal Ordinance; led JPA to secure Oakland A’s 10 year license extension; passage of Measure A and AA; alcohol outlet deemed approved legislation.
Biggest Strength(s): Experience, relationships, institutional knowledge, and accessibility.
Biggest Weakness(es): Have a difficult time saying no to constituent needs and will personally work with them until the issue is addressed.
Career Advice: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail; but don’t let failures discourage you from trying again and make sure to learn from your mistakes.

Significant Challenge: Work life balance.
Significant Accomplishment: Having a family and successfully raising a son and daughter.
Life Advice: Build mental, physical, and spiritual strength to tackle life’s challenges. Understand the need for self improvement and lifelong learning.
Trait(s) most admired in others: Humility, active listening skills, discipline, sense of humor, and fairness.
Among several global issues of deep concern, one(s) that stands out to me: I am concerned about the threat of domestic and international terrorism, along with the destruction of our environment (i.e. our climate and planet).
Some causes/organizations I support: United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County, Meals on Wheels of Alameda County, Youth UpRising, Deputy Sheriff’s Activities League, and Love Never Fails.
Some of my most-admired people (excluding parents): John and Bobby Kennedy and Malcolm X.

Hours of “personal” downtime/week: 15
Favorite activity(s) in my personal downtime: Exercising and watching movies.
Some of my favorite local hangouts: Claremont, Croghans, and Woodminster Cafe
Some of my favorite TV shows: Empire, ESPN Sports, and Real Housewives of Potomac because it takes place in Maryland.
What news outlets or media sources do you most rely on? KRON 4, KTVU 2, and Chronicle
Favorite Vacation Spot(s): Tropical locations, Canada, Palm Springs, Maryland, New York, and Oregon.
Place(s) I would like to visit: Maine, British Columbia, Italy, and Hawaii.
Favorite Pastime/Hobby(s): Camping, participating in running events, going to the movies, and taking walks.
Favorite Book(s): Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky and the Bible.
Something about me that may surprise you: I was Jesuit Volunteer.

June 2017